Nov 20th

Each time I read the historical story associated with Samson I can’t help but reflect on his stupidity! Whatever is to be said about Delilah, or any other person in Judges 13-16, it’s Samson who plays with fire and gets burned. As much as I marvel at Samson, I learned that what plagued a person then plagues us as well: as failure to understand what love is and does. Delilah sold he dignity and defined her actions as “love” toward Samson, but Samson didn’t have the wisdom to see that she was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He didn’t see it because he evidently thought that “love” would not betray him. When example after example presented itself, he dismissed it because God, he thought, loved him and would not leave him. A misunderstanding of love results in a misapplication of the same. Love does not manipulate, does not betray, and will not suffer fools. Love will, however, instruct, persuade, hold in confidence, and correct the foolish. God did.

-Ron Thomas

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